EFT/Tapping is an incredible mind/body self help tool that has profoundly shifted how I think about inner blocks, patterns, and unconscious vows. I have always known that there were unconscious patterns and vows that I had made either consciously or subconsciously that have been blocking me from living my life to the fullest. As a practitioner, EFT provides a bridge between my Law of Attraction Coaching work and my work as a licensed psychotherapist.

I absolutely love using EFT in my work with my clients. Initially I was hesitant and resistant to touching my body and saying negative statements. It felt unnatural to me and almost “wrong” after all of the self help books that I had read that promoted positive affirmations and positive thoughts. After reading numerous EFT books and attending several EFT workshops I became aware that tapping on the Meridian end points was actually a way of releasing the negative thoughts, beliefs, and feelings already embedded in the body’s energy system.

In working with my clients I now think of my fingertips as being magnets that pull out all of the negative energy in the body’s energy system to allow the energy flow to run with out disruptions. I have seen profound shifts within myself and within my clients using EFT.