1. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Slow down. Get quiet. Be. Just Be.

2. Identify what you are desiring. More money? More Joy? A soulmate relationship? A more fulfilling career? To start your own business? to be happy?

3. Ask for what you desire. Make a powerful statement: I AM ________ or I HAVE _________.

4. Visualize your deepest desires coming true. See yourself living as though you already have what you are seeking.

5. Believe that your deepest desires will come true. Let go of all doubts and stop thinking about how they will happen or when they will happen. Believe that it is possible.

6. Make an intention: I intend to create __________ in my life. Get really clear on what you intending to manifest into your life.

7. Focus on what it will feel like to have what you desire to have in your life. Deeply feel and imagine having it already.

8. Take at least 1 action step today towards achieving your ideal desire. Examples include: writing the first page of your book, making a phone call, send out a resume, read a book on finance, and/or make an appointment with a coach to help you achieve your goals and provide accountability.

9. Do this process every morning when you wake up and every evening before you go to bed.

10. Tap on any negative thoughts or beliefs that say it isn’t possible.

Thank you for reading the 10 steps to manifesting abundance in your life!

Pamela G. Silsby, MA, LPC, NCC

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