I went to lunch with my mother earlier this week and we had the most delicious meal.  We walked from my office with the intention of going to the restaurant we always go to, but as we approached, I had this inclination to go to another restaurant and I was expecting it to be a simple, healthy, grab and go sandwich place but it ended up being a very nice trendy (subway tile, chandeliers, lots of wood) sit down restaurant-who knew?!??!?! Perfect place to go to lunch with your lovely mother.  But the service started really slowly, you know how no one greets you and you just sit there waiting for someone to come over to take your order or at least offer you something to drink, but no one comes…  and it doesn’t help that we are both really hungry, we had walked there after all…  So, I am fine with it, having been a server, I understand that the servers are busy helping other customers and this is not intentional.  My mother however is starving!!!  We are both really hungry!  it is after 1:30pm at this point…  Eventually the nice waiter comes over and he takes our order and offers to bring us water… it’s probably been 10 minutes, long enough where you seriously consider walking out…  then all of a sudden another guy comes over and places this beautiful array of hummus, veggies, and freshly baked bread in front of us-A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!  Yum!!! But, we did not order this so we tell him and he says okay, picks it up and then he walks away, we say to each other that looks so good!!!  and then he comes back and places it down on our table again and says we can enjoy it and he will make another one for whoever was supposed to have it… Incredible!  The rest of our meal was delicious and we ended up having a great time and thoroughly enjoying our special mother daughter time.  After the meal, my mother said “and just think, we could have been really nasty and complained about the service or lack there of.”  Lovely reminder to all of us to stay present, to be grateful, and to be patient with one another.  Beautiful surprises are everywhere.

IMG_0860Where in your life are you trying to rush things?  Notice what unfolds when you are patient, see what comes to you.  Often we push beautiful moments like this away.  What are you pushing away?