EFT Tapping Chart

*Tapping for Anxiety Script: 

Side of Hand/Karate Chop Point: “Even though I have all of this anxiety, I still choose to love and fully accept myself.”

Side of Hand/Karate Chop Point: “Even though I feel all of this anxiety, I still deeply and completely accept myself, I love myself just as I am.”

Side of Hand/Karate Chop Point: “Even though I feel really anxious, I still choose to deeply and completely accept myself and love myself with all of this anxiety.”

Top of Head: “All of this anxiety, it’s so overwhelming”

Eyebrow: “This anxiety.”

Side of Eye: “All of this anxiety.”

Under Eye: “This anxiety.  All of this anxiety.”

Under Nose: “Is it here for a reason?  Is this anxiety trying to tell me something?”

Chin: “Is there a message here?  Is this anxiety trying to communicate something to me?”

Collarbone: “I don’t know what it is.  What is it?  What are you trying to tell me body?”

Under Arm: “Whatever it is, I’m willing to listen.  I’m willing to pay attention.  I’m willing to hear whatever it is I need to hear.”

Top of the Head:  “I am open to hearing whatever message my anxiety is trying to relay to me.”

Eyebrow:  “I know this anxiety is trying to protect me or warn me in someway.”

Side of Eye: “What is it that is making me feel this way?”

Under Eye: “Am I aware of this consciously?”

Under Nose:  “Is this a new fear or an old fear?”

Chin: “It feels familiar.  This anxiety is familiar.  It is a feeling that I feel often.”

Collarbone:  “I’m ready to let this old feeling go.  I’m ready to release it.”

Under Arm: “All this anxiety.  It’s time for it to go.”

Take a deep breath in and keep tapping if you want to.


My favorite thing to do for anxiety if I don’t have much time is to tap on my collarbone while I take in and release 3 deep breaths or until I feel calmer. If I only have 1 hand available, like when I am walking my dog or holding my cell phone, then I use 1 hand to tap on both collarbone points with my thumb on one side and my fingers on the other and if I have both hands free then I use both sets of fingers to tap on both collarbone points.

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