Tapping EFT is a phenomenal mind-body tool that helps you to re-connect your thoughts with your feelings.  You have likely learned to think your thoughts rather than feel them.  You might say: “I think I feel angry or I think I feel sad, frustrated, upset, furious, or some other feeling.”  This means that you are disconnected from your feelings.  If you don’t actually know how you feel then how can you change how you feel? Tapping EFT is a great tool to help you get out of your own way so you can finally figure out what you really feel.  Once you are able to identify what you are really feeling, you are then able to process your experiences mentally and emotionally.  Tapping EFT helps to balance out your entire energy system.

Tapping EFT

Your BELIEFS become your THOUGHTS,

Your THOUGHTS become your WORDS,

Your WORDS become your ACTIONS,

Your ACTIONS become your HABITS,

Your HABITS become your VALUES,

Your VALUES become your DESTINY.

-Mahatma Gandhi