EFT Tapping ChartThe EFT Tapping chart includes the most commonly used tapping points: top of the head, eye brow, side of eye, under the eye, under the nose, chin point, collarbone, and under the arm.

There are several other tapping points on the hand that I use in my work with my clients.  The karate chop point, the fleshy part on the side of either hand, is used to begin the tapping sequence by stating the setup phrase out loud 3x.  There are additional points on the the thumb, index finger, middle finger, and little finger on the nail bed closest to the body.

If you turn your hand so that your thumb is facing you, the points are on the sides of the nails closest to you.  On the back of the hand between the little finger and the ring finger there is another point that is used during the original tapping sequence.  It’s called the gamut point and you tap on it as you go through a series of eye movements called the 9 gamut.  Another point is on the inside of the wrist, 3 fingers up from where the hand meets the wrist.