What is EFT TappingEFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) was created by Gary Craig, a Stanford Engineer Graduate.  It came out of psychologist Roger Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy, which is commonly referred to as TFT, in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Both EFT and TFT are often referred to as Energy Psychology techniques.  They are both based on ancient acupuncture but they don’t use needles and they both incorporate modern day psychology.

“EFT is a simple powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity, health and behavior.”  Bruce Lipton, PhD

EFT Tapping has been called a “psychological form of acupressure” and “acupuncture for the emotions.” Tapping works by stimulating the ends of the meridians, which are the energy pathways in the body.  Tapping on the meridian end points lightly with one or two fingers allows the body to relax and rewire itself at a subconscious level.  EFT Tapping works to calm the nervous system, which turns off the fight or flight response when there is no real threat.  Our bodies tend to have a hard time differentiating between a real threat and a perceived threat.  The reason for this is that our energy systems are under constant stress nowadays because of our environmental influences such as driving, traffic, homes, the food we eat, electromagnetic energy around us (cell phones/computers), work environments, money, finances, and so on.  By tapping on the meridian points, the disrupted energy can begin to flow again and we can reset our energy systems.

“EFT is easy, effective, and produces amazing results.” –Donna Eden