Slide 3Yesterday, I found 101 cents in my purse which I thought was bizarre…   first, I rarely have any cash on me which means I very rarely have any change on me…  So I thought it must mean something (a message or be of some significance in some way) and then I remembered something I heard last week when I was listening to the Hay House’s Summit about how the angels communicate with us through feathers, butterflies, coins, and numbers so I went to Doreen Virtue’s website and looked up the meaning for 101 and this is what it said: “This number signifies fundamental spiritual teachings: As you “let go and let God,” your thoughts automatically become more positive, and this elevated vibration attracts all good things into your life.”  What a lovely reminder for me and for all of us to release control and let things unfold at their own pace-to be patient, easier said than done.  I speaking to my colleague earlier today about how everything in her life is “up in the air” and how it does not feel good to surrender when you are a controlling person but it is necessary sometimes to have faith and trust that all will unfold as it is supposed to and sometimes life will even surprise you.  Take a deep breathe, relax and see what happens for you when you let life co-create with you.