I recently completed my Reiki Level 3 attunement, so now I am considered a Reiki Master.  In doing so, I have noticed a profound shift in my spirituality.  Connecting to the “Universal Life Force Energy” has resulted in numerous benefits for both myself and for my clients.  I have been incorporating long distance reiki with my phone clients, my loved ones, and with myself as a daily spiritual practice.

I have been obsessed with Tosha Silver’s book Change Me Prayers: the Hidden Power of Spiritual Surrender for a few months now.  I use her book daily as a way to connect with the Divine, I just flip to a random page and see what my message is for the day or I use muscle testing to see if there is a specific page my being needs to be aware of.  To try this for yourself, pick up your favorite spiritual or self-help book and flip to a random page, trusting that whatever is on that page is a message for you from the Divine, Universe, Spirit, Source, or whatever you want to call it.